Allah Love



Location: Baiti Jannati

Love is that thing that pushes us to submit

When we love a woman, we will do anything that makes her happy and anything she likes. We come early and patiently wait for her during a date, we dare to wake up at odd hours to receive her call, we spend a lot of money to buy her presents, we call or SMS her everyday just to know how she is doing and to show her how we care, we think about her every second of our life because that thought makes us feel content and happy, urghhh.. all these things we do when we are in love and we do them all in the name of love… : )

One day I asked an ulama @ a scholar a question, “Ustaz, why it is so hard for me to wake up in the early morning for Tahajjud (night voluntary prayer)?”. I was expecting more of a comforting and motivating answer, but his answer to my question was straight to the point and lazer-sharp, yet when I come to think about it, his answer was 100% correct. His reply was “It is because you do not have the love of Allah”. - By Rafiqueadiputra


Assalamualaikum. Saya mulakan bicara maya dengan sedikit petikan daripada Akhi Rafique. Alhamdulillah sedikit sebanyak terjawab persoalan. Kadang-kadang kita perlu belajar daripada orang yang berpengalaman bukan? Saya rasa saya tidak akan menulis panjang kerana masa tidak mengizinkan. Doakan saya. Wassalam.

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