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Assalamualaikum sahabat semua. Apa khabar? Saya harap sihat walafiat. Alhamdulillah, saya baru kebah dari sakit badan dan kurang selesa badan. Syukur pada Allah kerana Allah kurniakan kembali nikmat sihat ini. Bila saya tidak sihat, barulah saya terhegeh-hegeh. Barulah saya tersentak dengan nikmat sihat saya yang Allah berikan. Ditambah dengan kejutan seorang sahabat guru ditempat saya mengajar Allah jemput dengan tiba-tiba, tiba sahabat ini jatuh dan terus koma, dan setelah itu dijemput Ilahi, juga ditambah dengan sahabat yang masuk hospital kerana demam denggi. Cukup membuatkan diri ini betul-betul insaf. Harap terus istiqamah. Bila kurang sihat, saya mula mengira-ngira, apakah ibadah yang saya telah buat sepanjang Allah nikmatkan nikmat kesihatan kepada saya. Hampar. Seperti tidak ada langsung. Hidup yang biasa. Cukupkah dengan apa yang saya buat dengan liabiliti dosa yang saya lakukan. Barulah saya tahu, mengapa kita disuruh muhasabah diri sebelum tidur. Seperti berniaga hidup ini. Untung dan rugi akan kita kira diakhirat nanti. Sebelum dikira, baiklah dimuhasabah dulu, cukupkah. Kalau hari ini mati, sekejap lagi mati, ada ke untung yang hendak dibawa dihari Pengadilan nanti. Risau, kerana saya memang tidak ada apa-apa. Dunia ini tidak ada erti jika kita dalam rugi.

Ga Alif Ga Alif Lam

Apa maksud gagal apa sahabat-sahabat semua? Ini adalah sebab mengapa saya gagal

GAGAL DALAM PELAJARAN = Tidak urus masa dengan betul + Tak jumpa lecturer semasa hendak periksa + Tidak fokus dalam kelas + tidak bertanya dalam kelas + Khayal + Leka + Lambat + Tidak peka masa + Tak ada buku teks + TAK MINTA DENGAN ALLAH + TAK DOA SUNGGUH-SUNGGUH + BANYAK DOSA DENGAN ALLAH

Petikan dari emel: People are important
People are Important

" The basic caliber of a society, community or a corporate body is
determined by the people that constitute it "

How true this statement is. A company, community, or even a country
can have the best of infrastructure in terms of finance, machinery,
and technology but it is the people utilising the infrastructure,
who determine the destiny of that company, community or country. The
real resource, certainly the most important one, is the PEOPLE. If
you can master the art of dealing with people, you certainly have an
edge over the others.

For example, the size and foliage of a tree is determined by it's
inward structure. The outward appearance of a flower is determined
by it's internal characteristics. It is true that outside natural
elements - wind, storm, hail, lightening - can change the appearance
of a growing thing but it's internal growing strength will react and
compensate by healing, straightening and making those changes

Your outward appearance, YOUR PERSONALITY, is not moulded by outside
influences. It is moulded and shaped from within. By YOU! Your
personality is not the result of what other people have done to you.
It is the result of what you have done to yourself.

Hence we should stop reacting to others and start being proactive.
Thoughts like - "What can I do to make the situation better for
myself." or "What could I have done to avoid that tragedy." - should
be uppermost in our minds, replacing the excuses that normally come

The Way I See People

I happened to watch a part of a movie on TV the other day. Amitabh
Bachhan is talking to his look-alike son and draws the number "6 "
on his palm. Holding out his palm, he says "To you, it looks like `
9 ' but from where I am, it looks like ` 6 '. " Similarly, the
number ` 3 ' and the alphabet ` E '. The possibilities are numerous.

Hence, it is necessary to look at people and situations from the
other person's point of view. Try to be in the other person's shoes
and think the way he does and then decide on your course of action.

The end result will always be better.

I am reminded of a participant in one of my workshops on "How to
manage Stress."

A middle-aged lady, neatly attired, attractive enough, waited for me
at the end of the day's session and asked permission to discuss a
personal problem. She had just been sacked from her job and she
hoped that my workshop would help her solve her problem/s.

Summing up her problems, she said "It's a rather long story but in
essence, all through my life, I have had the problem of being
rejected by people." Obviously, she wanted a comforting shoulder to
cry on and a pair of ears which would listen sympathetically. I
encouraged her to talk. It seemed she had just been dismissed from
her job, was divorced and just was not accepted by the people she
interacted with.

" And this time," she said " my manager was blunt enough to tell me
my drawbacks. He said that the major problem was that I could not
carry people - especially people who worked under me - along with
me. He pointed out specific instances when I had caused friction,
upset my colleagues and subordinates and sent some of the other
colleagues home in despair. ". I just nodded and kept my silence.

She continued with a rather pensive look in her eyes, " After
listening to you today, I think I am, at last, beginning to see what
he meant. Correct me, if I am wrong but I have always been seeing
things ONLY from my point of view. I felt that everybody had to try
and understand my problems. Today, for the first time in my life, I
realize that my problems are not because of others but they are
there because of me. Other people are successful, happy in their
homes and careers and have friends. It is I who has nothing. So the
fault must lie within me. It must be the way I see other people."

At this point, she became silent. My reply was simply this. "Just
forget the entire story and remember only the last line and you will
be able to lead a very fulfilling life." She looked at me blankly
for a minute since she was totally buried in her own thoughts and
then, slowly smiling, she repeated the last line, " It Must be the
way I see other people"

In these few words are summed up the teachings of our various
religions, the problems of home and office, the causes of war, the
origins of strife and the greatest truth of mankind. More important,
these words summarise your happiness or otherwise.

Examine your problems and then say to yourself, "It must be the way
I see other people. It must be the way I think they are thinking."

If you think of your dreams and accomplishments, your hopes and your
discouragement, your most valuable and cherished moments and your
moods of despair and frustrations, you will find that they are
interwoven and strongly entwined with other people!

And what the lady just discovered was that she could not manipulate,
alter, change or expect other people to dance to her tunes, to her
every whim and fancy. She could not change others or the situations.

Let me emphasize this because it is very, very important. You cannot
change the situations or people who irritate or bother you but you
can change your responses to them.

"It must be the way I see people."

Therefore it stands to reason that your ability to enjoy life to
it's fullest, by getting along with and getting the most out of
other people, begins with your thoughts and your attitudes. What you
think about others, is really what is most important.

You can Change your Life by changing the Way you see Others

You can compare your outward appearance and personality to a
painting. The colour and the picture are constant. There can be no
change except a change of frames for the picture. In other words,
your physical appearance is set. Nothing can change your appearance
except perhaps your "frame" - (clothing)

But now you have a better perspective of your personality. You CAN
control the way you impress other people - your "appearance" to
others. Your outward appearance is more like a movie screen instead
of a painting. The screen reflects what goes on inside the
projector. Your THOUGHTS and ATTITUDES are the roll of the future.
Your mind is the projector and your outward appearance is the

Maybe your image on the screen is not as handsome or beautiful as
you would like it to be. Maybe there are certain blemishes which are
visible on the screen. But these go unnoticed if your projector is
throwing strong and impressive pictures.

So, the root of your personality is embedded in your thinking ---

In conclusion,

You are not who you think you are, You are what you Think.

About the Author - Sarosh Dastoor is an international motivator & a
consultrainer for several corporates who has recieved various
national & international awards in Sales & Sales Management. An
entrepreneur by profession, he currently heads his company Skills &
Trainings which is into corporate consultancy, trainings &
workshops. He can be reached at dastoor@skillsandtrainings.com


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